Small Business Growth Program™
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Bring Your Business Ideas To Life™
Learn And Implement Core Business Strategies To Boost Your Monthly Cash-Flow.
There are core business strategies that power EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS - regardless of industry or size. 

Some of these core strategies include business, legal, marketing, branding, expansion, financial and technology. Each one of these components needs to operate independently, yet IN-SYNC with each other - which is easier said than to setup, structure and accomplish. At the Small Business Growth Program™, these are the strategies that we are focused on helping you learn, implement and perfect in your business.

Business Strategy

* Business model 
* Business structure
* Business tools
* Business expansion
It's important to have a lean business model with the right structure and tools that can allow your business to expand consistently, organically and ethically.

Marketing Strategy

* Social media marketing 
* Digital marketing 
* Traditional marketing 
* Integration of online with offline
80% of your market is consuming information digitally. You might be reading this digitally right now. But, it's important to fuse online with offline to beat the odds and become recession-proof.

Legal Strategy

* Legal structure
* Legal protection
* Risk mitigation
* Intellectual property
When it comes to legal strategy, we are talking about the corporate structure, asset protection, risk mitigation and intellectual property creation and monetization strategies.

Technology Strategy

* Automation of systems
* Marketing technology
* Tracking technology
* Analytical technology
Every industry has been disrupted, digitized and transformed, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue for years to come. Equip your business with the right technologies and tools to maintain stability.
What is the Small Business Growth Program?
The Small Business Growth Program is an education and consulting program that fosters innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. It's an environment where new or experienced business-owners can learn new skills, gain new insights, try new ideas, develop new revenue streams and even create collaborative projects with other like-minded professionals.
What resources can I access?
We offer entrepreneurial training, courses, programs, workshops, resources, as well as access to a network of professionals, like-minded individuals and industry-specific experts who are ready to work together to create a healthy, creative and lucrative business ventures.
What topics do the workshops, programs, and resources cover?
The workshops and events cover various business, legal, marketing, financial, branding, automation, sales and technology strategies. 
I don't have a business yet, can I join?
Absolutely. By creating an environment where you can learn about various topics from industry-experts, as well as professionals and business-owners, you will be able to develop a network with people who could help you, when the time is right. The strategies that we will develop together can help you structure and organized your new business the right way, whenever you decide to start it.
Who can be part of the Small Business Growth Program?
We welcome students who have big ideas, millennials with digital skills, professionals with valuable insights, authors with creative words, coaches with strategic tips, inventors with game-changing creations and anyone who has an idea, skill, experience, education or training that they can share with others in the community. 
How are the programs and courses structured? 
We offer in-person programs, which are hosted in our El Seugundo HQ, as well as virtual programs and courses. All programs and courses include live strategy sessions, recorded material, private communities and networking sessions. We are in this together to make our business dreams comes true.
Sounds great - what's next? 
Fill out the form above to tell us a bit about yourself. Your information is 100% confidential and private and will be not sold to anyone. We will review your information, and call you in 2-4 days to chat a bit more to see if the Small Business Growth Program is a good fit for your entrepreneurial dreams.
Who manages the Small Business Growth Program?
El Segundo based Business and Intellectual Property Attorney & Strategist Sid Peddinti is the Founder of the Program. There is NO formal relationship with Sid's law firm, California Law Services, or with the firms owned by the other members and workshop hosts by joining the Small Business Growth Program. You are free to approach anyone who is part of the community to discuss any specific questions and/or hire them, but the details of those deals, and the contracts associated with those transactions - fall outside the scope of the Small Business Growth Program's main offerings and resources.
What are some of the benefits of joining these programs?
The programs are designed to help you:
  • STAND-OUT from competitors in the marketplace
  •  DEVELOP consistent and reliable streams of revenue
  •  CREATE high-value intellectual property in your business
  •  PROTECT your business from all sides and from all parties
  •  MONETIZE your education, skills, knowledge and insights
  •  GENERATE a flood of consistent prospects to your business
  •  BOOST your monthly cash-flow by tapping into various channels
  •  EXPAND your business to new heights by scaling your operations
  •  CONVERT the clients that you would like to work with (your A-List)
  •  CONTROL the way your competitors market with strong IP protection
  •  GAIN peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and secure 
Small Business Growth Program™. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. No legal, financial, tax, regulatory or other professional advice is given or relation will be formed by being part of the Small Business Growth Program™. Our HQ is located at 1730 E. Holly Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245.