Dear Business Owner,

The Growth Mastery is an invite-only, application based program for business-owners and leader.

We’re not here to convince you to join the program, but we will tell you who it is designed for, and who it’s not for.

This group IS for:


People with active professional firms (legal, medical, pharmaceutical, accountancy, real estate, coaching or consulting) who are currently generating six figures in their firms.


People selling goods or e-commerce who are currently generating six figures and want to add a learning and coaching element.


People who want to gain more business, legal, marketing and technology mastery, elimitate guess-work and add $20-40k a month to their revenue.


People who value what they offer to their clients, and contribute to the enhancement of their profession, and their community.


People who have the determination to grow their firms, and willing to work hard to get there.


People who are success stories, difference makers and business leaders, who want to double their revenue and improve their work-life balance.

This group is NOT for:


People who are looking for a quick-fix, get-rich-now program to make money quickly.


People who have businesses that offer little or no actual value, use deceptive practices, engage in unethical conduct, or are very secretive about their businesses.


People who have just started a business, and have not had any revenue to date.

To be even more up-front with you:

This is NOT cheap.

This is a premium program that’s designed for the world’s top professionals and emerging business-owners, who are the thought-leaders in their marketplace. In addition, you’ll be required to learn, implement what you learn, and then share your results. In short, it’s going to be work. Also – you’ll be required to share some of the strategies that you are working on in your business with the rest of the group – just as the other members are going to share their secrets with the group as well.

Here’s How The Program Works

First, you’ll be directed to an application page where we’re going to ask you a few questions about your business. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to screen applications.

After this step, your application will arrive at Sid’s desk, and one of two things can happen next. First, Sid can decide that we’re not a good fit and he’ll let you know immediately. Or secondly, he’ll decide that we MIGHT be a good fit, and someone from our offices will schedule an assessment call to find out if we are a good fit. There’s no pressure, no obligations, no commitments. If you decide to join us, fantastic. If you decide it’s not for you, no problem. No hard feelings either way.

We’re only looking for visionaries and leaders to join Growth Mastery. We review all applications on a first come, first serve basis.

WELL, Here’s the first step…