Gain The Competitive Advantage.


When I first set out to design the Small Business Growth Program, my mission was simple: combine over 50 (counting all the people that helped me develop this program) years of real business, marketing, legal, technological strategies, wins, losses, experiences and discoveries into a program that can benefit business owners right now.

We have compressed everything we know about business, about law, about life, and about being business-owners, into something that can make a direct impact in your business today. The program has been designed not only to train and educate you, but also coach, consult and support you and your business, so you can accomplish your goals and make a positive impact in YOUR world at the same time.

Real Problems, Real Solutions.

Over the past decade, my partners and I have been managing one of the top bankruptcy and business restructuring firms in Toronto, and together they have worked with over 10,000 people who have ranged from every industry.

These were good, honest, hard-working men and women who did not have sufficient income or liquid assets that could cover their expenses, and needed to have their financial systems realigned and restructured in order to eliminate their debts.


Some of the clients that that we worked with included attorneys, realtors, accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, e-commerce business owners, coaches, consultants, investors, marketers, authors, motivational speakers, contractors, roofers, handymen, politicians, students, athletes, professors, non-profits, tech developer, farmers, animal breeders, franchise-owners, police officers, government employees and teachers (to name a few professions).

Yes – even people in these industries ended up in financial difficulties.

So, we knew that it’s not going to be enough to simply design a program that only teaches and educates business-owners, employees or even organizations, but we needed to engineer a program that guides, coaches and supports business-owners, so they can implement the educational content into their companies right away.

The case-study methodology format that we’ve designed requires active participation and engagement by every person. It’s your business – you cannot sit in the passenger seat and give us the keys. Every person who takes the ‘hot-seat’ during the implementation sessions will have a chance to ask about something that they need immediate help with, so they can make the right strategic decision with confidence.

A final thought.

In a way, we are your “business doctors”. We’re going to work with you during the strategy meetings to diagnose a specific problem, and then prescribe a specific pill(s) that you can take. You’ll work on implementing the prescribed suggestions into your business, and report back via the online portal, private group and recurring strategy session on your results, so we can ensure you’re making the right decisions.

We realize we are in the early days of online education and consulting – very few companies have attemped to fuse learning and consulting in this format. So, here is what we hope you will experience in the Small Business Growth Program: our vision of business education and consulting, redesigned for the modern business-owner.

That’s what the Small Business Growth Program is.

The next step is to book a brief 15-minute “Chat” with me to determine IF I can help you. If I CAN, we’ll book another consultation to talk about the details.